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Brennan and Yanie. Two people from different worlds. Two lives caught in their own dramas. Two souls fated for each other. Brennan is the only son and heir apparent to his family’s business. He has wealth, good looks and a beautiful wife. But beneath his picture perfect existence, Brennan is straining from the weight of expectations: from his father, who expects Brennan to follow his footsteps; and also from his wife, who desperately wants to conceive a child. Yanie is a strong young woman who carries her family on her back. Her father ...


Jessy Mendiola

as Yanie Alipio

Born and raised in a lower class family in Iloilo, the eldest child of MANG LITO, a litratista (small-time photographer) and ALING POLENG, a wheelchair-ridden one-legged diabetic. She has a younger br ...

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