1417370864001 Episode 187 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 187 - Juan Dela Cruz A battle of epic proportions continues as the Tagabantay fights the Son of Darkness for the sake of Rosario's life. Juan encounters a setback after his evil counterpart knocks him unconscious and throws him off the bridge. He luckily wakes up in time to save Rosario before she falls to harm on the concrete. The Tagabantay soon defeats and destroys both Peruja and the Son of Darkness by piercing them with the Sword of Courage. After rushing Rosario to the hospital, Juan watches as life ebbs away from his beloved, only to be surprised when she wakes up as if in a dream. Eventually, Juan and Rosario blissfully exchange their marriage vows to each other, in front of God, their family, friends, and well-wishers. THE END. October 25, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct25-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct25-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/24425 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/49694/juan-dela-cruz-oct-25-2013 1417370864001 Episode 186 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 186 - Juan Dela Cruz Arriving home, Juan soon realizes that The Son of Darkness posed as him. He recognizes too late that Rosario is the target of his evil counterpart, as she is taken captive by Peruja's orders. Publicly announcing that he kidnapped Rosario, the Son of Darkness challenges the Tagabantay to meet him in battle at a bridge. October 24, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct24-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct24-image.jpg http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/49631/juan-dela-cruz-oct-24-2013 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/49631/juan-dela-cruz-oct-24-2013 1417370864001 Episode 185 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 185 - Juan Dela Cruz As he decides to continue his wedding with Rosario, Juan tracks down the mysterious assailant and shockingly discovers its identity. Reborn from what remained of Peruja's powers, the Son of Darkness reveals himself the as the perpetrator behind numerous attacks and pursues a mission of vengeance against the Tagabantay. October 23, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct23-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct23-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/24286 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/49573/juan-dela-cruz-oct-23-2013 1417370864001 Episode 184 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 184 - Juan Dela Cruz With all their enemies vanquished during the last battle, Juan and Rosario savor the bliss of their engagement and plan ahead for their future life together. Juan returns the Cross of Steel to its original place, believing his mission as hero is over. Following a couple of mysterious killings, together with Belen's dire dreams and the people's clamor, Juan decides to reassume his role as the Tagabantay. October 22, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct22-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct22-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/24216 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/49516/juan-dela-cruz-oct-22-2013 1417370864001 Episode 183 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 183 - Juan Dela Cruz Facing a ferocious battle against Peruja and her allies, Juan manages to unleash from the Cross of Steel the white light that vanquishes the evil creatures and restores the serenity in the mortal world. Deeming that his fight against the evil princess is over, Juan wastes no time in asking for Rosario's hand in marriage. October 21, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct21-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct21-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/24132 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/49463/juan-dela-cruz-oct-21-2013 1417370864001 Episode 182 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 182 - Juan Dela Cruz Juan finishes his intense battle with Agor and reclaims the Cross of Steel. Upon his return, Juan stirs his fellow humans into continuing the fight for their survival. At the same time, Peruja emerges in her new body and commands her army of aswangs and mythical creatures to put an end to the war against men. October 18, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct18-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct18-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/24007 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/49363/juan-dela-cruz-oct-18-2013 1417370864001 Episode 181 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 181 - Juan Dela Cruz Successful in overcoming the Son of Darkness, Juan proceeds to inspire hope and solidarity to his countrymen once more as they all face Peruja's reign of terror. The Tagabantay attempts to reclaim the Cross of Steel from Agor while the fearsome rebirth of Peruja's physical self draws near. October 17, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct17-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct17-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/23932 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/49305/juan-dela-cruz-oct-17-2013 1417370864001 Episode 180 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 180 - Juan Dela Cruz Juan continues his internal struggle against his evil persona as he fights back to gain control of his consciousness. While the Son of Darkness ravages throughout the mortal world, Peruja prepares for the imminent rebirth of her body. Juan's family and friends do their best to convince their fellow Filipinos to cling on to their faith in the Tagabantay amidst the chaos. October 16, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct16-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct16-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/23914 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/49271/juan-dela-cruz-oct-16-2013 1417370864001 Episode 179 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 179 - Juan Dela Cruz Following the invasion at Queen Nerea's kingdom by Peruja, Princess Mirathea and a group of her fellow displaced fairies return to the human world to hunt down the Son of Darkness. Meanwhile, Juan struggles to bring back his old self as Julian, Asiong, and Rosario confront the Son of Darkness dominating his body. October 15, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct15-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct15-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/23789 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/49202/juan-dela-cruz-oct-15-2013 1417370864001 Episode 178 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 178 - Juan Dela Cruz Devoting his loyalty to Peruja, the Son of Darkness leads the aswangs in attacking the kingdom of fairies. Soon, the Tagabantay regains control over his body and begs Princess Mirathea to kill him before the Son of Darkness succeeds in his evil plans. Meanwhile, oblivious to Juan's helpless condition in the hands of his alter ego, Julian and the Kapatiran hope that the Tagabantay will return and save the humans from doom. October 14, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct14-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct14-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/23731 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/49143/juan-dela-cruz-oct-14-2013 1417370864001 Episode 177 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 177 - Juan Dela Cruz The Tatlong Maria foretells ill news to Queen Nerea and Princess Mirathea about the looming defeat of the Tagabantay. After battling numerous creatures, Juan finds Peruja's hideaway to face off with the more powerful evil princess. October 11, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct11-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct11-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/23613 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/49028/juan-dela-cruz-oct-11-2013 1417370864001 Episode 176 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 176 - Juan Dela Cruz Despite the Tagabantay's efforts, Peruja successfully gets hold of the babaylan's gem and finally completes her crown. An influx of mythical creatures follows, wreaking havoc upon the mortal world. October 10, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct10-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct10-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/23554 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/48982/juan-dela-cruz-oct-10-2013 1417370864001 Episode 175 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 175 - Juan Dela Cruz Despite Juan's efforts to stop his evil hand, Peruja successfully wills it to hand over the gem of the Tikbalangs to her. Using the crown of the Tikbalang King, Peruja determines the location of the gem of the babaylans. The Tagabantay gets hold of the same information from three technologically advanced men who call themselves Tres Kantos. October 09, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct09-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct09-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/23485 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/48922/juan-dela-cruz-oct-09-2013 1417370864001 Episode 174 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 174 - Juan Dela Cruz Peruja bestows new powers to the aswangs as she gives them the freedom to eat human flesh once more. With her army, the evil princess enters the kingdom of the fairies, aiming to claim the diamond from Queen Nerea. As he fights his way through the fray, Juan struggles to stop the Son of Darkness inside him from taking over his senses. October 08, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct08-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct08-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/23423 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/48835/juan-dela-cruz-oct-08-2013 1417370864001 Episode 173 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 173 - Juan Dela Cruz Juan battles the manananggal once again. This time, however, the Queen of Aswangs falls short in fighting against the Tagabantay. While Peruja takes advantage of Laura's death to rule the remaining aswangs, Juan becomes bothered as his aswang self starts to get the best of him. October 07, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct07-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct07-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/23361 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/48794/juan-dela-cruz-oct-07-2013 1417370864001 Episode 172 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 172 - Juan Dela Cruz The aswangs bring their deceased king to his final resting place as they burn him in a pyre. Afterward, Laura swears revenge on Peruja and Juan by starting to kill mortals indiscriminately. On the other hand, Juan vows to destroy Laura and the aswang race, while Peruja plans to bring the Son of Darkness to her side as her general and rule over the aswangs. October 04, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct04-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct04-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/23235 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/48669/juan-dela-cruz-oct-04-2013 1417370864001 Episode 171 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 171 - Juan Dela Cruz Upon meeting again, Juan and Samuel engage in a fierce combat. However, the same blood in their veins prevails and the father and son choose not to kill each other. Unwilling to see her plans go astray, Peruja intervenes and claims the life of the Aswang King. October 03, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct03-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct03-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/23172 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/48599/juan-dela-cruz-oct-03-2013 1417370864001 Episode 170 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 170 - Juan Dela Cruz Peruja uses a newly transformed Laura to make the Aswang King and the Tagabantay fight each other. Samuel also stirs his minions to move against the evil princess and those who betrayed their race. October 02, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct02-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct02-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/23115 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/48541/juan-dela-cruz-oct-02-2013 1417370864001 Episode 169 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 169 - Juan Dela Cruz Samuel finally discovers that Laura made a pact with Peruja, therefore giving the Aswang Queen new powers. Juan tries to learn the manananggal's whereabouts by attaching a tracking device on her. In the fairy world, Queen Nerea secures the diamond inside her realm and consents Mirathea to retrieve the diamond from the world of men. October 01, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct01-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-oct01-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/23052 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/48492/juan-dela-cruz-oct-01-2013 1417370864001 Episode 168 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 168 - Juan Dela Cruz Juan breathes a sigh of relief when Julian regains consciousness, and he vows to get back at the aswangs for causing too many casualties in the Kapatiran. Meanwhile, Juan's refusal to accept his fate as the Son of Darkness leads Samuel to a decision against his own son. While Juan sets off to catch the manananggal, Samuel grows more suspicious about Laura's secret activities. September 30, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept30-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept30-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/22997 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/48447/juan-dela-cruz-sep-30-2013 1417370864001 Episode 167 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 167 - Juan Dela Cruz Though caught off guard, the Kapatiran members boldly face the aswangs' attack, but their guns and blades prove useless against the aswangs' preconditioned bodies. Preoccupied with his mission to save Pikoy, Rabuyo, and the fourth gem from Peruja, Juan discovers too late that his former allies are being ambushed by their mortal enemies. Juan makes his way to the Kapatiran's hideout only to find Julian as amongst the casualties Samuel left behind. September 27, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept27-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept27-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/22872 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/48338/juan-dela-cruz-sep-27-2013 1417370864001 Episode 166 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 166 - Juan Dela Cruz When Samuel discovers the wound on her right arm, Laura admits having an encounter with the Tagabantay but leaves out the truth about her being the manananggal. To appease Samuel's fury, Laura tells him the location of the Kapatiran's hideout. Meanwhile, Juan and Asiong return to the province upon learning from Belen that Peruja has found Rabuyo. Rabuyo, on the other hand, entrusts to Pikoy the fourth gem and gives him strands of tikbalang hair before setting off to face Peruja alone. September 26, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept26-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept26-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/22778 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/48278/juan-dela-cruz-sep-26-2013 1417370864001 Episode 165 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 165 - Juan Dela Cruz Juan, Julian, and Asiong hunt down the manananggal in the city, but the Kapatiran intercepts their search and demands Juan to surrender to them. As fate would have it, the manananggal happens to be at the area nearby. While Juan escapes the Kapatiran, he falls into the hands of the manananggal. Juan uses the Sword of Courage to pry himself loose of the winged monster's grasp. Meanwhile, Peruja discovers Queen Nerea's trickery in hiding Rabuyo and the fourth gem, and it does not take long for Peruja to comprehend that the tikbalang must be seeking refuge in the human world. September 25, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept25-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept25-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/22713 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/48225/juan-dela-cruz-sep-25-2013 1417370864001 Episode 164 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 164 - Juan Dela Cruz Laura intensifies Samuel's hatred toward the Son of Darkness when she blames Juan for the death of aswang soldiers she killed herself. Juan, on the other hand, gets forced to forego hiding in the province to save the city from the manananggal. In the fairy world, Queen Nerea comes up with a trick to keep Peruja from finding Rabuyo and the fourth gem. September 24, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept24-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept24-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/22636 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/48175/juan-dela-cruz-sep-24-2013 1417370864001 Episode 163 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 163 - Juan Dela Cruz Juan faces the inevitable as Agustin ousts Julian from the Kapatiran and declares an all-out war against the Son of Darkness. While Juan ensures the safety of his family from his former allies, Peruja adds further fear to the human world by turning Laura into a manananggal. Satisfied with the distraction she has created, Peruja attempts to take the fourth gem from the tikbalangs, who have sought the protection of the fairies. September 23, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept23-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept23-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/22579 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/48111/juan-dela-cruz-sep-23-2013 1417370864001 Episode 162 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 162 - Juan Dela Cruz Juan overpowers Kael. While Juan loses his only brother, he gets a second chance to be with his beloved Rosario as the latter regains consciousness. Unfortunately for Juan, Rosario now considers granting Ben and Cora's pleas for her to migrate with them to America. Meanwhile, Laura vows to avenge Kael to Samuel and Juan. Unbeknownst to Laura, Peruja sees Laura's misery as the key to making the Aswang Queen connive with her. September 20, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept20-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept20-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/22462 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/47994/juan-dela-cruz-sep-20-2013 1417370864001 Episode 161 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 161 - Juan Dela Cruz Juan and the Kapatiran discover too late that the exchange deal Laura offered them is actually an ambush in disguise. Before Kael escapes with Laura, he seizes Rosario and stabs her back. While Juan loses Ben and Cora's trust on him completely, Kael expends what little respect Samuel has for him. Determined to make the other pay, Juan and Kael set off on a mutual mission to kill each other. September 19, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept19thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept19-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/22402 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/47937 1417370864001 Episode 160 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 160 - Juan Dela Cruz Juan relinquishes the Cross of Steel to Kael in exchange for Ben and Cora's lives, but when Kael breaches the deal, Juan gets so angry that he transforms into a full-fledged aswang. Just as Juan is about to kill his own brother, Julian tames Juan by saying that they need Kael alive. When Samuel and Laura learn that Kael's plan backfired, Laura begs Samuel to let her rescue their son from the Kapatiran. Though reluctant at first, Samuel realizes that he can actually use Kael's captivity to the aswangs' advantage. Elsewhere, Agor tells Peruja that a war is about to break out, and Peruja considers this the best time for the Son of Darkness to finally get the best of Juan. September 18, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept18-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept18-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/22346 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/47883 1417370864001 Episode 159 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 159 - Juan Dela Cruz Juan regains the public's trust as he finally closes the last of the nightly creatures' portals. Kael, however, cuts Juan's celebration short when he uses Rosario's family as bait to lure the Tagabantay into his hands. Meanwhile, Peruja draws closer to activating the Crown of Five Jewels as she now has three gems for it. Knowing that only the Son of Darkness can help her find the crown's last two gems, Peruja's longing for her right-hand man intensifies. September 17, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept17-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept17-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/21286 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/47803 1417370864001 Episode 158 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 158 - Juan Dela Cruz Juan succeeds in closing the portals of the nuno and the tiyanaks, lessening their destructive impact on the humans. As Juan and the Kapatiran focus their energy on defeating the nightly creatures, Samuel and Kael use the opportunity to learn from their enemies and strike when they least expect it. September 16, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept16-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept16-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/21218 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/47710 1417370864001 Episode 85 - My Little Juan Episode 85 - My Little Juan Though Juan and Asiong are able to send one of the burglars behind bars, their search for the Cross of Steel remains futile. Juan also helps Asiong get out of a juvenile robbery syndicate led by Quintin. As the years go by, Juan continues his search for the Cross of Steel while carrying the support of his new family, the lessons he learned from Father Cito, and his restored faith in God. September 13, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/My%20Little%20Juan/mlj-sept13-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/My%20Little%20Juan/mlj-sept13-image.jpgile . . . http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/My-Little-Juan/743/20065 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/47627 1417370864001 Episode 157 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 157 - Juan Dela Cruz Juan, Princess Mirathea, and the Kapatiran set off on their quest to finding and closing the passageways across realms. The task, however, proves to be a dangerous one as Asiong gets spit at by a nuno, whereas Mirathea gets hypnotized with a tiyanak's human-like cries. To make things worse, Pikoy now becomes delirious. Meanwhile, Peruja and Agor steal from the nuno kingdom one of the gems needed to activate the Crown of Five Jewels. September 13, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept13-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept13-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/20076 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/47629 1417370864001 Episode 84 - My Little Juan Episode 84 - My Little Juan As their search for the Cross of Steel continues, Juan and Asiong come across one of the burglars who robbed San Juan Bautista church and follow him to his hideout. To prepare Kael for his duty as the Son of Darkness, Samuel entrusts him to an aswang couple who are tasked to train the child. However, Kael runs away from the couple which, in turn, leads to his first encounter with Juan. September 12, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/My Little Juan/mlj-sept12-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/My Little Juan/mlj-sept12-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/My-Little-Juan/743/19971 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/47563 1417370864001 Episode 156 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 156 - Juan Dela Cruz Seeing the monsters' relentless terrorizing of the human world, Princess Mirathea, Bagno, and the Kapatiran join forces in closing the passageways across realms. Unbenknownst to Juan's allies, Agustin has another mission for the Kapatiran. Samuel, on the other hand, finds a way to use the monsters' invasion to the aswangs' advantage. Meanwhile, Peruja steals the Crown of Five Jewels and decides on which monster kingdom to conquer first. September 12, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept12-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept12-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/19996 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/47566 1417370864001 Episode 83 - My Little Juan Episode 83 - My Little Juan Juan's effort to live up to Father Cito's teachings on righteousness is again put to test as he encounters a group of students who provoke him to do gambling. Samuel, an aswang who hides behind the mask of a reputable businessman, prepares his son Kael to lead their kin. September 11, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/My Little Juan/mlj-sept11-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/My Little Juan/mlj-sept11-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/My-Little-Juan/743/19895 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/47505 1417370864001 Episode 155 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 155 - Juan Dela Cruz Though reduced to hiding in a cave with Agor, Peruja remains confident of her impending reign believing that Juan will someday succumb to his Son of Darkness nature. True enough, Juan fails in restraining his aswang nature again, this time right in front of the Kapatiran. While Agor vows to get the Son of Darkness as ally for Peruja, Kael promises Samuel that he will kill the Tagabantay himself. Meanwhile, more and more nightly creatures infiltrate and cause terror in the human world. September 11, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept11-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept11-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/19919 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/47508 1417370864001 Episode 82 - My Little Juan Episode 82 - My Little Juan Juan and Asiong continue their search for the Cross of Steel in a depot of stolen items where Juan finds one of the chalices robbed from San Juan Bautista church. Meanwhile, just like what Father Cito did, Belen strives to set a good example to Juan and aims to send him to school by working extra hard at the expense of her own health. September 10, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/My Little Juan/mlj-sept10-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/My Little Juan/mlj-sept10-image.jpg . . . http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/My-Little-Juan/743/19827 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/47439 1417370864001 Episode 154 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 154 - Juan Dela Cruz Juan and Princess Mirathea finally uncover Peruja and Agor's conspiracy. Fearing for Nerea's life, however, Juan and Mirathea decide to feign ignorance until they rescue the real fairy queen. Thanks to his bionic ears, Juan finds the place where Peruja and Agor are hiding Nerea's spirit. Peruja uses the opportunity to fully reawaken the Son of Darkness within Juan. September 10, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept10-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept10-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/19844 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/47445 1417370864001 Episode 81 - My Little Juan Episode 81 - My Little Juan After Father Cito's untimely passing, a new chapter begins for Juan as he sets off to Manila to start life anew with his new guardian, Belen. Juan soon starts his mission to find the Cross of Steel by exploring the city with the help of his newfound friend, Asiong. Meanwhile, deeming that the Cross of Steel brings him luck, Poldo decides to keep it for himself. September 09, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/My Little Juan/mlj-sept09-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/My Little Juan/mlj-sept09-image.jpg . . . http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/My-Little-Juan/743/19764 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/47396 1417370864001 Episode 153 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 153 - Juan Dela Cruz Peruja begins her reign of terror by opening the passageways across realms, allowing various creatures of the night to roam freely in the human world. Fortunately, Princess Mirathea follows her instinct and allows Bagno to escape before her estranged mother executes him. Bagno crosses paths with Juan, who is perplexed by the sudden presence of the violent creatures, and convinces the latter of Agor's betrayal. Samuel also sets to pursue Peruja after learning of her possible involvement in the turmoil. September 09, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept09-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept09-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/19783 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/47356 1417370864001 Episode 80 - My Little Juan Episode 80 - My Little Juan Just after Belen succeeds in convincing Juan and Father Cito to come to Manila for a vacation, her ill premonition comes true when Poldo and his accomplice rob the church's belongings and injure Father Cito in the process. As Juan tries to fight against the burglars, he holds on to the Cross of Steel but inadvertently loses his grip on it, giving Poldo the chance to take it. Before succumbing to death, Father Cito tells Juan to take the Cross of Steel back for he is its rightful owner. September 06, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/My Little Juan/mlj-sept06-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/My Little Juan/mlj-sept06-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/My-Little-Juan/743/19625 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/47258 1417370864001 Episode 152 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 152 - Juan Dela Cruz Samuel gathers the aswangs in a mountain to prepare them for their battle against the humans, most especially the Tagabantay. Juan, on the other hand, finds a hard time focusing on his Tagabantay duties when he learns that the police saw him transform into an aswang. Meanwhile, Peruja's spirit leaves Agor's body to possess the most influential entity in the fairy kingdom. The next day, Princess Mirathea finds herself on the verge of losing her childhood friend Bagno when Queen Nerea suddenly sentences him to death. September 06, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept06-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept06-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/19640 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/47261 1417370864001 Episode 79 - My Little Juan Episode 79 - My Little Juan Juan's patience is put to test once again as he deals with the school bullies. After retaliating and losing his cool, Juan makes his escape through the woods where he meets another runaway named Rosario. Meanwhile, Belen visits Father Cito to warn him of an ill premonition, but the priest chooses to disregard his sister's warnings. September 05, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/My Little Juan/mlj-sept05-thumb.jpg. . . http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/My Little Juan/mlj-sept05-image.jpg. . . http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/My-Little-Juan/743/19564 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/47209 1417370864001 Episode 78 - My Little Juan Episode 78 - My Little Juan Juan and the people of San Juan Bautista throw a simple surprise party for Father Cito's 60th birthday. Amid the joyous celebration, ill omens about Father Cito's safety emerge. In a bid to win Margie back, Poldo orchestrates a plan to get rich in an instant at the expense of the parish church. Meanwhile, Juan's curiosity on Father Cito's journal and the secret behind the Cross of Steel intensifies. September 04, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/My Little Juan/mlj-sept04-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/My Little Juan/mlj-sept04-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/My-Little-Juan/743/19498 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/47137 1417370864001 Episode 150- Juan Dela Cruz Episode 150- Juan Dela Cruz Agor brings Juan to Peruja's cave and instructs him to pin the Saragnayan stone onto the cave's sacred boulder. Oblivious of Agor's motives, Juan obeys Agor. When the volcanic activities subside, the fairies and the Kapatiran thank Juan for saving the fairy world and mankind. Unknown to everyone, Peruja's spirit is not bound in the cave anymore, but has now found a temporary, mortal body to hide in. September 04, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept04-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept04-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/19517 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/47140 1417370864001 Episode 77 - My Little Juan Episode 77 - My Little Juan The students' field trip ends on a happy note as Juan and Lester finally become friends after Juan saves Lester's life. Meanwhile, Ruth makes the ultimate sacrifice at the cost of her own life as she fights head-to-head against Margie, who has already found the Cross of Steel and learned of Juan's identity as the Tagabantay. September 03, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/My Little Juan/mlj-sept03-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/My Little Juan/mlj-sept03-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/My-Little-Juan/743/19436 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/47049 1417370864001 Episode 149- Juan Dela Cruz Episode 149- Juan Dela Cruz Juan's indecision to either be the Tagbantay or be the Son of Darkness ends when Juan rescues the child-thieves from aswangs. While the remorseful child-thieves give Juan the only item they managed to steal from the aswangs' hideout, Samuel discovers that the attache case containing the real Saragnayan stone is missing. Meanwhile, as the ominous volcanic activities intensify, the leaders of the aswangs, the fairies, and the Kapatiran find ways to prevent Peruja's release. Agor, however, approaches Juan to secure Peruja's freedom. September 03, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept03-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept03-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/19448 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/47080 1417370864001 Episode 76 - My Little Juan Episode 76 - My Little Juan Ruth finds herself overwhelmed with sadness when she learns about the painful result of Alvin's battle against their cold-blooded enemies. Seeing Ruth's misery, Father Cito takes it upon himself to convince her to take a break from her mission against the aswangs. Instead of heeding the priest's advice, Ruth remains firm in her decision to pursue her search for Margie. Margie, on the other hand, learns of Dona Tomasa's betrayal and soon sets her eyes on teaching the rich widow a lesson for giving her away to the Kapatirans. Meanwhile, Mr. Esguerra partners Juan with Lester in one of their activities after noticing that the two boys have not yet settled their conflict. September 02, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/My Little Juan/mlj-sept02-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/My Little Juan/mlj-sept02-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/My-Little-Juan/743/19366 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/47030 1417370864001 Episode 148 - Juan Dela Cruz Episode 148 - Juan Dela Cruz Juan earns the trust of the aswangs after his encounter with the authorities to save the aswang boys while marking his villainy to the humans. Secretly supporting Juan, Julian feigns antagonism toward his grandson by allying the Kapatiran with the government in an all-out battle against the creatures. As Samuel prepares his clan for the imminent fight, he urges Juan to make a decision and to choose the side of the aswangs. September 02, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept02-thumb.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/jdc-sept02-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Juan-Dela-Cruz/570/19379 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/46986 1417370864001 Episode 75 - My Little Juan Episode 75 - My Little Juan The time has come for Ruth and Alvin to avenge their daughter as the couple finally goes head to head in an intense battle with the cold-blooded aswangs that murdered their child. With Father Cito's help, the Kapatirans manage to plant booby traps at the abandoned building where they plan to perform their onslaught, giving them an advantage against the aswangs. However, their improvised weapons are still no match for the aswangs' inherent strengths. While Ruth struggles to defeat her aswang attacker, Alvin finally obtains the justice he seeks for his daughter after succeeding to kill George. Coming to his wife's aid, Alvin compromises himself after receiving a fatal blow from the aswang. Meanwhile, Margie manages to escape death when Father Cito becomes apprehensive in killing her. August 30, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/My Little Juan/mlj-august30-thumb.jpgfile . . . http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/juan_dela_cruz/Episodes/My Little Juan/mlj-august30-image.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/My-Little-Juan/743/19229 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/46897