1417370864001 Episode 431 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 431 - Be Careful with my Heart Determined to pursue their project, Maya and Kute finally settle to buy the lot from Ramon. However, the siblings are soon disheartened after learning that someone has already bought the property that they want, not knowing that Richard and Arturo are the ones behind this incident. Meanwhile, Abby continues to be bothered by her secret admirer, while Nicolo gets the chance to visit Nikki at her house with Luke and Aira's help. March 06, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-MARCH6-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-MARCH6-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/33254 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/56008/be-careful-with-my-heart-march-6-2014 1417370864001 Episode 430 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 430 - Be Careful with my Heart Starting off with their plan to build a bigger branch of Chibugan, Maya and Kute begin to look for the perfect site where they will put up their business. As they try their best to hide their plan from their family, the sisters are unaware that Richard and Arturo have been making the same move for their own business plans as well. March 05, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-MARCH05-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-MARCH05-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/33178 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/55989/be-careful-with-my-heart-march-5-2014 1417370864001 Episode 429 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 429 - Be Careful with my Heart Maya receives a wonderful surprise from Richard as the latter fulfills his promise to be by her side when she wakes up. She soon opens up to Kute about their project to build a bigger branch of Chibugan and tells her sister that it is the right time for them to turn this dream into reality. Meanwhile, Abby gets the idea that her classmate Michael might be her secret admirer. March 04, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-MARCH04THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-MARCH04-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/33085 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/55928/be-careful-with-my-heart-march-4-2014 1417370864001 Episode 428 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 428 - Be Careful with my Heart While Richard misses Maya in the city, Maya gets the chance to relive her childhood memories with her family as they return to their old picnic spot. March 03, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-MARCH03-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-MARCH03-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/33007 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/55878/be-careful-with-my-heart-march-3-2014 1417370864001 Episode 427 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 427 - Be Careful with my Heart Arturo and Lino finally clarify the rumor about the old woman when they personally visit her and learn about her sad story. Meanwhile, Richard learns about his daughters' situation and braces himself for a talk with the girls. February 28, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-FEB28-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-FEB28-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/32833 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/55742/be-careful-with-my-heart-february-28-2014 1417370864001 Episode 426 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 426 - Be Careful with my Heart Lino and Bugoy's suspicion that the old woman might be a creature of the night becomes known to the family, prompting Arturo to visit the old woman's house and clarify the rumor once and for all. Meanwhile, Nikki's heartbreak-induced depression heightens when Abby receives a surprising and unexpected present. February 27, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-Feb27-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-FEB27-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/32748 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/55721/be-careful-with-my-heart-february-27-2014 1417370864001 Episode 425 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 425 - Be Careful with my Heart Amiel's surprise date fails to impress Nikki, but despite this, Amiel makes a move on her by holding her hand. Incidentally, Luke and Niccolo witness the act from afar. Meanwhile, Richard learns that he has to leave San Nicolas for an urgent matter at work. February 26, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-FEB26-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-FEB26-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/32675 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/55641/be-careful-with-my-heart-february-26-2014 1417370864001 Episode 424 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 424 - Be Careful with my Heart While Richard slowly overcomes Arturo's discomfort towards him, Maya enjoys the company of her mother and sister during their visit to Conchita. Meanwhile, Abby becomes friends with the boy she fought with at the park, while Nikki's friends set her up on a date with Amiel. February 25, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-FEB25-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-FEB25-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/32595 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/55580/be-careful-with-my-heart-february-25-2014 1417370864001 Episode 423 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 423 - Be Careful with my Heart While spending vacation at San Nicolas, Richard observes that Arturo is still uncomfortable with him and asks his father-in-law to accompany him to the market as a friendly gesture. Meanwhile, Nikki turns down again Amiel's invitation to go on a date. February 24, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-FEB24-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-FEB24-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/32516 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/55517/be-careful-with-my-heart-february-24-2014 1417370864001 Episode 422 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 422 - Be Careful with my Heart Maya arrives in San Nicolas and is welcomed by her excited neighbors and Arturo, who tops off the welcome party with a superstitious practice upon arriving home. While Maya is pleased to witness the reconciliation of her parents, Kute becomes annoyed at Arturo's apparent advances to Teresita. February 21, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-FEB21THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-FEB21-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/32370 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/55399/be-careful-with-my-heart-february-21-2014 1417370864001 Episode 421 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 421 - Be Careful with my Heart Maya's sure visit to San Nicolas makes everyone happy and excited. However, Teresita's and Arturo's anticipation for the reunion becomes apparent which fascinates Maya and Kute. February 20, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-FEB20-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-FEB20-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/32267 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/55339/be-careful-with-my-heart-february-20-2014 1417370864001 Episode 420 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 420 - Be Careful with my Heart News of Maya's visit to San Nicolas already spreads among both sides of the family, faster than Maya's plans to ask Richard's permission. Already aware of this, Richard then surprises Maya with a dinner date that ends with a special gift. February 19, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-FEB19-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-FEB19-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/32184 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/55286/be-careful-with-my-heart-february-19-2014 1417370864001 Episode 419 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 419 - Be Careful with my Heart Apart from making the children eat vegetables, Maya's activities become too worrisome for Teresita, prompting her to ask Richard's permission for Maya to visit San Nicolas. While Richard ponders on the request, Maya becomes excited about the idea when Kute invites her over to San Nicolas. February 18, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-FEB18-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-FEB18-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/32105 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/55237/be-careful-with-my-heart-february-18-2014 1417370864001 Episode 418 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 418 - Be Careful with my Heart After settling his issues back in Cebu, Arturo goes back to San Nicolas and hands over precious and meaningful gifts to Kute. He then asks her to open her heart for him once again. Restless while spending her rest day at home, Maya busies herself with household chores and helps the kids with their activities in school. February 17, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-FEB17-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-FEB17-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/31982 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/55166/be-careful-with-my-heart-february-17-2014 1417370864001 Episode 417 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 417 - Be Careful with my Heart Richard goes home late to learn that Maya has done so much for the day: planning a more economical household budget, coaching Abby on her declamation piece, and helping Nikki practice volleyball. Meanwhile, Kute holds herself back from asking more about Arturo's life while he was away. February 14, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-FEB14-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-FEB14-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/31825 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/55058/be-careful-with-my-heart-february-14-2014 1417370864001 Episode 416 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 416 - Be Careful with my Heart Kute finally gets to invite Arturo over a drink and indirectly learns the reason behind his recent sadness. Meanwhile, Maya discovers the huge amount the household spends and asks Richard's permission to handle the budget herself. February 13, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-FEB13-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-FEB13-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/31744 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/55003/be-careful-with-my-heart-february-13-2014 1417370864001 Episode 415 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 415 - Be Careful with my Heart Maya soon gets discharged from the hospital. Teresita decides to stay in the mansion to take care of her, leaving Kute struggling to figure out the reason behind Arturo's low spirit. Meanwhile, Richard takes Maya out on a date and surprises her with a huge patch of land for their future home. February 12, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-FEB12-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-FEB12-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/31657 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/54945/be-careful-with-my-heart-february-12-2014 1417370864001 Episode 414 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 414 - Be Careful with my Heart Richard and Maya announce that they are having twins, much to everyone's happiness and excitement. While everyone celebrates at the good news, Kute notices that Arturo suddenly becomes melancholic. February 11, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-FEB11-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-FEB11-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/33628 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/54890/be-careful-with-my-heart-february-11-2014 1417370864001 Episode 413 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 413 - Be Careful with my Heart While Maya remains confined at the hospital, her family starts to worry about her condition, prompting Teresita to leave for Manila to visit her daughter. At the hospital, Dra. Galero discovers something with Maya's ultrasound. February 10, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-FEB10-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-FEB10-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/33512 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/54832/be-careful-with-my-heart-february-10-2014 1417370864001 Episode 412 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 412 - Be Careful with my Heart As Nikki's birthday party ends on a happy note, Richard realizes that his family is getting bigger and announces his desire to buy a new house to accomodate everyone. However, everyone's excitement is cut short the next morning when Maya is rushed to the hospital because of an alarming experience. February 07, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-Feb7-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-FEB7-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/31331 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/54682/be-careful-with-my-heart-february-7-2014 1417370864001 Episode 411 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 411 - Be Careful with my Heart Sleep gets the better of Kute and Cho while they try to repair the babywalker, until Arturo continues and finishes the work for them in time. Meanwhile, the Lims don their best costumes for Nikki's birthday party, where Niccolo and Amiel catch everyone's attention for choosing the same character to wear. February 06, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-Feb6-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-FEB6-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/31252 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/54662/be-careful-with-my-heart-february-6-2014 1417370864001 Episode 410 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 410 - Be Careful with my Heart Maya fails to control herself from shopping supplies for the baby despite agreeing to Richard to do it together next month. Nikki, on the other hand, decides to ask her friends for gifts for the baby as her birthday gift. Meanwhile, Kute becomes increasingly annoyed to take Arturo's idea for a gift for the baby, having to endure her mother's delight for lending him her old crutch earlier. February 05, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-Feb5-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/2014/BCWMH-FEB5-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/31161 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/54610/be-careful-with-my-heart-february-5-2014 1417370864001 Episode 409 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 409 - Be Careful with my Heart Richard forbids Maya to participate in organizing Nikki's birthdayparty to avoid aggravating her recent morning sickness and abdominalpains. Maya, however, finds a way to get what she wants, only toregret it in the end. Meanwhile, Kute becomes increasingly concernedabout Arturo's condition which is eventually noticed by Teresita. February 04, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/JAN22-MARCH6/BCWMH-Feb4-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/JAN22-MARCH6/BCWMH-FEB4-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/31091 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/54555/be-careful-with-my-heart-february-4-2014 1417370864001 Episode 408 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 408 - Be Careful with my Heart Despite Arturo's attempts to keep it a secret, Teresita and Kute learnabout his leg's worsening condition from his friend. To keep Maya frominvolving herself, Richard orders Lisa to help Nikki in her birthdaypreparations. Meanwhile, Abby wins in Richard and Maya's raffle ofgiving the name to the future baby. February 03, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/JAN22-MARCH6/BCWMH-Feb3-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/JAN22-MARCH6/BCWMH-FEB3-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/31015 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/54492/be-careful-with-my-heart-february-3-2014 1417370864001 Episode 407 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 407 - Be Careful with my Heart With Kute's consent, Arturo spends the night at her house while tryingto recover from his injured leg. Meanwhile, Maya and Richard offer hiskids the chance to give the future baby a name, showing how gratefulthey are for the remodeling of Abby's room into a nursery. January 31, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/JAN22-MARCH6/BCWMH-JAN31-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/JAN22-MARCH6/BCWMH-JAN31-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/30845\\ http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/54329/be-careful-with-my-heart-january-31-2014 1417370864001 Episode 406 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 406 - Be Careful with my Heart Still upset with Richard's put-on act of contracting "paglilihi," Mayacontinues to give him the cold shoulder. They soon discover thenursery inside Abby's room which was supposed to be the family'ssurprise for them. Meanwhile, Arturo suffers a minor injury during anintense basketball game with Kute and Cho. January 30, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/JAN22-MARCH6/BCWMH-JAN30-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/JAN22-MARCH6/BCWMH-JAN30-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/30779 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/54321/be-careful-with-my-heart-january-30-2014 1417370864001 Episode 405 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 405 - Be Careful with my Heart Nikki and the rest of the family continue redecorating Abby's room intime to surprise Richard and Maya. Paying a visit at Richard's office,Maya finds out that Richard is only faking his "paglilihi," resultingto their disagreement. Meanwhile, Arturo continues his attempt to winback Kute's trust. January 29, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/JAN22-MARCH6/BCWMH-JAN29-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/JAN22-MARCH6/BCWMH-JAN29-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/30696 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/54258/be-careful-with-my-heart-january-29-2014 1417370864001 Episode 404 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 404 - Be Careful with my Heart Following a close fight against the students from a rival school, Choand his team emerge as the winners of the science wizard competition.Arturo soon tries to reach out and apologize to Kute regarding hissudden departure to Cebu. Meanwhile, Richard continues to make Mayabelieve that he is going through "paglilihi." January 28, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/JAN22-MARCH6/BCWMH-FEB28-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/JAN22-MARCH6/BCWMH-FEB28-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/30627 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/54186/be-careful-with-my-heart-january-28-2014 1417370864001 Episode 403 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 403 - Be Careful with my Heart Despite all odds, Arturo arrives in the nick of time to watch Choduring the San Nicolas science wizard competition. Soon, Cho and histeam make it to the final round. Meanwhile, Niccolo delays going toclass to pass by Nikki's school and see her for the last time. January 27, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/JAN22-MARCH6/BCWMH-Feb27-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/JAN22-MARCH6/BCWMH-FEB27-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/30537 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/54144/be-careful-with-my-heart-january-27-2014 1417370864001 Episode 402 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 402 - Be Careful with my Heart As Cho's science wizard competition draws near, Kute and Teresitabegin to worry if Arturo can make it back from Cebu in time to watchthe contest. Meanwhile, Maya is starting to take strong measures afterbecoming convinced that Richard has indeed contracted her "paglilihi." January 24, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/JAN22-MARCH6/BCWMH-JAN24-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/JAN22-MARCH6/BCWMH-JAN24-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/30381 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/54017/be-careful-with-my-heart-january-24-2014 1417370864001 Episode 401 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 401 - Be Careful with my Heart Richard and Abby catch a glimpse of Maya's baby as they accompany herto the ob-gyn for a regular check-up. Maya, on the other hand,believes that she has successfully passed her "paglilihi" to Richard.While Esmeralda arrives at the Lim's house for a short visit, Kutelearns that Arturo has returned to Cebu. January 23, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/JAN22-MARCH6/BCWMH-JAN23-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/JAN22-MARCH6/BCWMH-JAN23-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/30302 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/53970/be-careful-with-my-heart-january-23-2014 1417370864001 Episode 400 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 400 - Be Careful with my Heart Richard invites Niccolo over lunch at his house to talk about thelatter's feelings for his daughter, Nikki. On a separate occasion,Richard consults an ob-gyn regarding Maya's "paglilihi." Meanwhile,Arturo prepares to go back to Cebu to fix few problems, including therecent burglary in his house. January 22, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/JAN22-MARCH6/BCWMH-JAN22-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/JAN22-MARCH6/BCWMH-JAN22-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/30228 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/53918/be-careful-with-my-heart-january-22-2014 1417370864001 Episode 399 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 399 - Be Careful with my Heart Maya soon gets discharged from the hospital. Teresita decides to stay in the mansion to take care of her, leaving Kute struggling to figure out the reason behind Arturo's low spirit. Meanwhile, Richard takes Maya out on a date and surprises her with a huge patch of land for their future home. January 21, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/NEW/BCWMH-FEB12-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/NEW/BCWMH-FEB12-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/31657 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/54945/be-careful-with-my-heart-february-12-2014 1417370864001 Episode 398 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 398 - Be Careful with my Heart While Niccolo attempts to find the hospital where Nikki is confined, Maya convinces Richard to let her visit her stepdaughter. Meanwhile, Teresita happily observes how Kute and Arturo are slowly patching things up. January 20, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-JAN2014-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-JAN2014-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/30041 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/53803/be-careful-with-my-heart-january-20-2014 1417370864001 Episode 397 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 397 - Be Careful with my Heart After attempting to pass her "paglilihi" to Richard, Maya slowly believes in the said old wives' tale as she notices some changes in his behavior. Meanwhile, Nikki is rushed to the hospital after complaining of stomach pains. January 17, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-JAN1714-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-JAN1714-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/29871 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/53668/be-careful-with-my-heart-january-17-2014 1417370864001 Episode 396 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 396 - Be Careful with my Heart Through research and people's personal accounts, Maya learns more on the myth about pregnant women shifting their "paglilihi" to their husbands. Despite learning about alarming news regarding his business in Cebu, Arturo chooses to stay indefinitely in San Nicolas with his family. Meanwhile, Nikki's attempt to lose weight takes its toll on her health. January 16, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-JAN1614-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-JAN1614-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/29790 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/53602/be-careful-with-my-heart-january-16-2014 1417370864001 Episode 395 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 395 - Be Careful with my Heart Sabel gives her best effort to copy Richard's style in cooking stir-fried noodles so that Maya can avoid skipping meals. Coming home from an out-of-town trip, Richard deprives himself of ample sleep to cook for his wife in the wee hours of the morning. January 15, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-JAN1514-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-JAN1514-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/29710 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/53549/be-careful-with-my-heart-january-15-2014 1417370864001 Episode 394 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 394 - Be Careful with my Heart To appease Maya's cravings for his stir-fried noodles, Richard teaches Sabel how to cook the dish his way which later fails to satiate Maya's tastebuds. While Luke advises Niccolo to refrain from visiting their house, Kute reminds Teresita to take caution about her feelings for Arturo. January 14, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-JAN1414-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-JAN1414-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/29638 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/53533/be-careful-with-my-heart-january-14-2014 1417370864001 Episode 393 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 393 - Be Careful with my Heart To satisfy her cravings, Maya wakes up in the middle of the night to cook stir-fried noodles. Richard finds her in the kitchen and volunteers to cook it for her. Maya then goes on to eat heartily despite the dish's peculiar taste. Meanwhile, Arturo is filled with gladness after spending the night at his old home with Kute's consent. January 13, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-JAN1314-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-JAN1314-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/29567 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/53476/be-careful-with-my-heart-january-13-2014 1417370864001 Episode 392 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 392 - Be Careful with my Heart Determined to find out the food Maya prefers now that she is pregnant, Richard orders a wide variety of food for her. Nikki, on the other hand, sets out a plan for her youngest sibling's room, tagging along her other siblings and their household helpers. Meanwhile, Cristina Rose shows a friendly gesture to Arturo when her father stayed up late to finish his work in Chibugan. January 10, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-JAN1014-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-JAN1014-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/29378 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/53336/be-careful-with-my-heart-january-10-2014 1417370864001 Episode 391 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 391 - Be Careful with my Heart Because of her pregnancy, Maya slowly experiences a change in preferences of food and scents, making her family do the proper adjustments. Richard and Maya soon share news of her pregnancy with their respective colleagues at work. Meanwhile, Arturo and Cristina Rose are slowly renewing ties with one another after she lets him help them work at Chibugan. January 09, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-JAN0914THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-JAN0914-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/29306 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/53293/be-careful-with-my-heart-january-9-2014 1417370864001 Episode 390 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 390 - Be Careful with my Heart After Richard's children learn of Maya's pregnancy, the couple's friends and other relatives also welcome the news with joy and excitement. Meanwhile, Arturo decides to delay his flight to Cebu and proceed to extend his stay in San Nicolas. Cristina Rose slowly softens her heart for her long-lost father as she agrees to let him visit their house and eatery regularly. January 08, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-JAN0814-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-JAN0814-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/29226 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/53240/be-careful-with-my-heart-january-8-2014 1417370864001 Episode 389 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 389 - Be Careful with my Heart After confirming Maya's pregnancy result from an ob-gyn. Maya and Richard prepare for the formal announcement to their family, But before the couple could reveal the good news, Fe and Richard's children accidentally discover the result of Maya's recent check-up when they found the doctor's note inside the trash bag. January 07, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-JAN0714-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-JAN0714-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/29159 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/53215/be-careful-with-my-heart-january-7-2014 1417370864001 Episode 388 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 388 - Be Careful with my Heart After admitting to Richard that she is having a hard time with her driving lessons, Maya suggests to give her new car to Luke instead. She feels nauseous once again, prompting Richard to bring her to a doctor. At the hospital, she undergoes a check-up, and the couple soon receive the most surprising news in their marital life. January 06, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-JAN0614-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-JAN0614-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/29075 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/53160/be-careful-with-my-heart-january-6-2014 1417370864001 Episode 387 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 387 - Be Careful with my Heart While Teresita gives Maya tips on getting pregnant, Arturo readies the house in time for Teresita, Kute, and Cho's return. Before her immediate family leaves, Maya instructs her sister to find a lot at San Nicolas that she can buy for them. The following day, Maya resumes her driving lessons. Unfortunately, fear gets the best of Maya. At San Nicolas, Kute finds herself smiling while reading the note Arturo left for Lino, Bugoy, and Chona. January 03, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-JAN0314-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-JAN0314-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/28939 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/53029/be-careful-with-my-heart-january-3-2014 1417370864001 Episode 386 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 386 - Be Careful with my Heart Teresita finds herself in the hot seat when her daughters start to grill her about a possibility of getting back with Arturo. Although unsure about a likely reunion with Arturo, Teresita is certain that she wants her daughters to reconcile with their father first. Meanwhile, Esmeralda's curiosity gets piqued when Maya, despite getting herself full with their New Year's Eve menu, suddenly craves for another snack. January 02, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-JAN0214-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-JAN0214-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/28858 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/53007/be-careful-with-my-heart-january-2-2014 1417370864001 Episode 385 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 385 - Be Careful with my Heart Everyone hopes for 2014 to be a year of bright beginnings. While Arturo wishes to be forgiven by his estranged family, Teresita, Kute, Cho, and the rest of the Lims wish Maya and Richard to have a baby. January 01, 2014 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-JAN0114-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-JAN0114-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/28792 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/52962/be-careful-with-my-heart-january-1-2014 1417370864001 Episode 384 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 384 - Be Careful with my Heart Maya, Esmeralda, Teresita, Nikki, and Abby get their hair cut in time for the New Year celebration. To everyone's delight, Richard is smitten with his wife's new look. December 31, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-DEC3113-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-DEC3113-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/28732 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/52903/be-careful-with-my-heart-december-31-2013 1417370864001 Episode 383 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 383 - Be Careful with my Heart Seeing everyone abuzz over Maya';s possible pregnancy, Richard and Maya disprove their assumptions by insisting that Maya is just suffering from pre-menstrual syndrome. Meanwhile, Kute calls Lino to check on Chibugan. Maya is pleased when Kute asks about Arturo as well. December 30, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-DEC3013-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-DEC3013-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/28651 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/52856/be-careful-with-my-heart-december-30-2013 1417370864001 Episode 382 - Be Careful with my Heart Episode 382 - Be Careful with my Heart Teresita, Kute, Cho, and Esmeralda arrive at the Lims' to spend New Year's Eve with Maya's new family. Hope on Maya'S pregnancy sparks anew when Maya's dizziness become too frequent that it aggravates into nausea. Despite Maya's objections, Richard decides to have Maya checked by a doctor. December 27, 2013 http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-DEC2713-THUMB.jpg http://showpage.abs-cbn.com/uploads/be_careful_with_my_heart/Episodes/dec25-jan20/BCWMH-DEC2713-IMAGE.jpg http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Be-Careful-with-my-Heart/390/28509 http://tfc.tv/Episode/Details/52718/be-careful-with-my-heart-december-27-2013